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    Value List from Field  - clean up



      Value List from Field  - clean up


      There are a number of spots where I use a value list based on field contents - titles for example. Mostly they work as expected - each item once - but occassionally the list contains multiples of the same term. For example:

      Director of Business Development
      Director of Client Services
      Director of Design
      Director of Design
      director of design
      Director of design Strategy

      Not to mention, I am pretty sure that I have more than three "Director of Designs."

      A good chunk of this data was imported from somewhere else, so I expect that has something to do with it. Is there any way to force it to merge duplicates, inclduing different cases? Otherwise, it's a pretty tedious find and replace process.




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          Enter find mode and select one of the values that appears to be a duplicate and perform your find

          Then click into these fields and see why they aren't being treated as identical values. Perhaps there's a non printing character present in one of the records that holds this value.

          You may need to enter criteria with Wild cards such as Director*of*Design

          in order to find the records with the issue.

          Here's another approach...

          One trick to make it easier to find the problem record might be to import the data into a new table where you specify unique values on this field with the validate always options specified. This will automatically filter out duplicates during the import. Then you can hunt through the imported data for values like Director Of Design where 2 or more instances imported due to such invisible characters. I think you can then use a relationship from these records back to your original table so that Go to Related Records will pull up the original records with the problem data.