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Value list from field enter a different field

Question asked by FilmUser on Dec 11, 2013
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Value list from field enter a different field


     Hello, I'm working in FMP12. In a database, one of whose tables is Ink and Color. I have a field called "Formula" with alpha-numeric values of no particular convention and no intelligence.

     In some cases, there are multiple records with the same formula, but with alternate modifiers, stored in a "modifier" field. So a formula may appear multiple times with different qualifiers (no option here).

     There is a third field "description" which describes the formula (say, Blue, Red, etc) which is the same value for all records of the same formula.

     There is a fourth field (calculation - text result) which combines the fomula and the modifier value. If it matters, the formula value and the modifier value in this calculation are separated by a "*", and the composite is followed by a "_", to separate it in the drop down from the description.

     I am using this combo field as the first field in a drop down list in another related table. By using the combo field, the operator can see all of the modifier options for the formula, plus, as FM seems to list only one record in the list if dupelicates exist, so now we can see all of them and choose accordingly. The second field to display in the drop down list is the Description, as the color is a quick clue to choosing the formula.

     This is all working, but the problem is that I want only the Formula field to populate the field to which the drop down list is assigned, in the related table. The value list set up allows only two fields to appear, but I want a third (Formula) to populate the field in the related table.