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value list from multiple fields

Question asked by IvanYivoff on Nov 9, 2010
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value list from multiple fields


Hi there,

I have the following situation

Fields "fabric_1", "fabric_2", "fabric_3" on my table "carpets" are all, well, fabrics. The input fields are drop-downs, so they can choose a fabric used previously, or input a new one if needed. Since the value list is formed by the values on that field, the new value will end up being part of the drop-down in the future.

So far so good. The thing is, they are all fabrics, and it makes sense that if I input one kind in any of the three it would be available on the drop-down of the other two. If I base the value list on the values of each field, and I enter "Cotton" on "fabric_2" wont have it available on "fabric_1" until I enter it manually again there.

Is there a way to create a value list from the combined values of the three different fields, so the drop-down on fabric_1 will have everything that was entered on fabric_1, fabric_2, and fabric_3? Without repeated entries?

Normally I would create a select to that effect, but can't wrap my head about how to do it in Filemaker.

Thanks and regards,