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Value list from multiple fields problem

Question asked by LarsBC on Nov 20, 2009
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Value list from multiple fields problem




I have made a field in a table which is a drop-down box which uses a value list. The value list uses values from a field in a different table, specifically the ID number from the other table. However, although I want the drop-down box selection to be based on the ID, I want the text in the field to come from a second field in the other table (basically to show the name of the record being selected rather than the ID).


I built this drop-down box field a few months ago, and selected for the value list to use values from the ID field, but display values from the Name field, by ticking the two boxes "Also display values from second field" and "Show values only from second field" in the value list field screen. So far so good, everything worked fine. However, recently the drop down box started showing the ID number instead of the name, despite nothing having changed except upgrading to a new version of Filemaker. Nothing seems to have changed in the configuration, but whenever I touch that drop down box in a record, it changes the value displayed in the field from the name to the number, even though it is specifically set up to only show the name.


What could have happened? The update I made was to Filemaker version 10.0v3.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I find the forum difficult to follow and even more difficult to search in...