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Value list from Portal Child

Question asked by JamesPeragine on Feb 18, 2015
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Value list from Portal Child


This problem keeps coming up for me and I can't seem to figure it out.




Tables  1) Flights 2) FlightCompany 3)FlightCompanyAircraft   

Each Flight Company has several aircraft.  I want to be able to first choose the FlightCompany on my Flights layout and then have the FlightCompanyAircraft list narrow to only show, and be able to select, the aircraft from that Flight company.


My issue:  

1) I set up the _fkFlightCompany field on my flights layout that links Flights with FlightOperators

2) I then set up a _fkFlightCompanyAircraft field to to link to link the aircraft and I chose "Include Only Related Values From" FlightCompanies

This drop down list populates perfectly showing only the aircraft for the FlightCompany that I linked and I am able to choose the aircraft from the list, HOWEVER, It does not update all the other related fields on the layout that are from FlightOperatorsAircraft.  Their values contain the FlightOperators first aircraft only and don't update!