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    Value List from Related Table not Updating



      Value List from Related Table not Updating


           I have a Value List which is showing only related values in another table.  When adding records to that table, my Value List is not showing them.  If I EDIT an existing record in the related table, the change does appear in my Value List. What can be wrong?
           I checked all field types, and the matching fields are all Numerical.  I've checked the data and they're numbers (either 1 or 2) with no extra spaces.  I removed indexes from these numerical fields, and also from the primary key field of the related table, then turned indexing back on. I did a Save As / compressed file to try to fix any issues with the database.  No luck.
           If I remove the contraint limiting me to only related records, all values in the related table appear including the new records.  I use this structure in other fields and tables, and those Value Lists properly show me new records.
           We had a VM server disconnect from storage two days ago, so basically a hard crash on all of those VMs including my FileMaker Server (v12.05).  So maybe something was damaged with this table, value list or relationship.  Either I'm staring right at something obvious, or something is damaged.  How to fix?
           All ideas welcome.  Thanks in advance!

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               Have you tried a recover of your file to check it for damage?

               If you place a portal to the related table on your layout, it should list the same values as your conditional value list. You might put one on your layout and see if it updates in the same manner as your value list or not.

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                 Okay, I ran a recovery and it showed no errors.  I restored it to a version from before our server crash and it exhibited the same behavior.  So I'm ruling out file damage for now and moving on.

                 I'm a little twisted around by which instance of the related table I should use to setup the value list.  Your suggestion forced this. Setting up the portal demanded I ask which related table or which instance of a related table I use and which relation should constrain the value list records.  I have some poking around to do once my head is screwed on straight, but I think that is the source of my issue.

                 There must be a medical name for this condition where visualizing a complex database's relationships render a Friday mind utterly useless.  Back next week.  Thanks.