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    Value list from seperate table



      Value list from seperate table


      I have been searching for instructions to do this, but I must not be using th correct FileMaker terminology:

      I have a membership table that includes a number field called MemberTypeId.  I have another table that describes the membership types such as member, non-member, corporate member and so on.  This is so my user can go to the MembershipType layout and maintain member types. 

      As I stated before, the type Id is stored in the membership table to allow joining by ID number to the type table when running reports or whatever.  So, in the Membership layout, I want to have a dropdownlist of Membership Type descriptions to allow selection, but to store the type ID in the actual field.  So If my user enters a new type via the membership type layout, it will be available in the membership table layout.

      I have read about value lists where you enter your own custom list, but I'm not sure this is the correct thing to do in order to allow users to maintain.  Is there a way to do this?

      If there is a more FileMaker type of method to do this, please explain.

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          1. Open Manage | Value lists
          2. Click new and give your new value list a name
          3. Select the "use values from field" option
          4. You can have two columns of values in your value list, select MemberTypeID from your membership type table for column 1. Select the description field for column 2.
          5. As long as the membership type descriptions are unique, you can choose to hide column 1 so that only the description values are displayed, but the type ID number will still be entered into your field.


          If you format the field as a Popup menu with this value list, you'll only see the type descriptions even though the type ID is stored in the field--even after you exit the field. If you prefer a drop down list, you can place the related Membership type description field from the membership type table next to your field to display the selected membership type description.

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            OK - I got it finally.  It works witht he popup as you suggested.  How does my user know its there?

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              I'm not sure I understand your question. Your user will be able to see that the field is formatted as a pop-up menu from its appearance and the values will appear when they tab/click into the field.

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                The issue was that somehow everything about my layouts has defaulted to white.  White text, white borders, etc.  I have to click on everything to change it to black - have not figured out how to reset to default colors.  I still dont see any thing telling me that there is a field there when adding a record - you have to mouse over it to see the pop-up.  At least you get an arrow with a drop down.  I'll figure it out.  Thanks for the help...

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                  In layout mode, select the field and give it visible borders of at least one point width. You should then be able to see the field.

                  In the Inspector, click the appearance tabl and specify borders by clicking the appropriate button.

                  If the borders of the field are still invisible, return to layout mode, select the field and click the Aa button to make the formatting bar appear, then use the three drop downs to the right of Line: to specify at least a 1 pt border width, a contrasting border color and a solid pattern.