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Value list from table won´t display records

Question asked by luisprat on May 17, 2011
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Value list from table won´t display records


Hi, I have a value list which displays records from another table in the same database, but the records on this other table have each a different code, but some of them have a record which has the same values as other, let me explain: (I have an office depot like store):

I have an Items Table with the list of items (premade inkjet labels) and they have the same measurements but different materials (i.e. white paper, colored paper, etc) so my table has 3 fields: Code, Material, Measurements and there are some records with the same measurements, but of course different code for each item but when I try to display all the records available from the Items Table thru a value list on my Invoice Table, only 1 of each record that has the same measurements will display even thou they have different codes (so they can be unique)... so if I have 2 items with lets say CODE: 1234 - MAT: WHITE PAPER - MEASU: 1.50 x 2.00  and another item with CODE: 5678 - MAT: COLORED PAPER - MEASU: 1.50 x 2.00   only the first will show up on my value list.

In the invoice, I need to select the item by it´s measurements and when showing the second field I need to see the material and once I commit the selection, the code and material fields should grab (lookup) the data from their corresponding fields on the Items Table.

What could be wrong ? How should I make the relationship?

Thanks for all the help