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value list from unrelated table

Question asked by kunaaldesai on Jul 16, 2009
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value list from unrelated table


Hello guys,
I am facing an unusual problem here. Well in order to explain you my problem, I will go through my real scenario.

I have two tables

1 Student Info
2. Prize control

Student info has all the student information like name , last name along with the points.

-- Prize control has all the prize related information like Prize_Id, name and points that prize is worth of.

Now I have a pickup layout which is operated when student comes and picks up a prize but there is one condition for that
- The prize should be from prize control table

( when he/she picks up a prize worth some points then thso epoints are deducted from his/her account)

I am using a popup menu to show list of prizes in this lay out.

I do understand that for that I have to relate both student info and prize control. But how can I do that when none of them have any common field.

I am really confused. I hope somebody can help me.<!--   / message   -->