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Question asked by RichardStrohman on Jul 24, 2013
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Value List Help


     I am fairly new to FileMaker and am creating an estimating database for work.  We custom manufacture different sized fiberglass vessels.  That being said each size has a different cost.  What I need is a way to select a size and also use the same value to figure the gallons in the tank.  

     I can sucessfully do this if I use generic numbers such as 1-10, but I need to be able to use expressions such as 5'-0".  When I make a value list like that the formula to calculate gallons comes up with an error becuase it cant read the feet and inch marks.

     I have done something similar in Excel and had two lists of values.  One was the list with feet and inches and the other was matching generic numbers.  I used the lookup function to put the matching generic values in the gallons caluculation.

     Is there a similar way of doing this in FileMaker, or is there anyway I can do this at all?