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    Value List Help



      Value List Help



      I have a situation where a value list function has changed from 2 choices, to 3 choices and I am looking for a simple elegant fix that requires minimal coding.  So far it illudes me.

      The situation is as follows:

      Choice 1: 1 Crossing Guard, 2 Street Corners

      Choice 2: 2 Crossing Guards, 2 Street Corners.

      The program under this situation has worked fine for years.  New parameter....

      Choice 3: 1 Crossing Guard, 4 corners

      The user typically picks 1 or 2 from a pull down menu and moves on.  A button is set up to prepare a sorted report on request returning values for 1 or for 2.  A new option was added to the search.... 3.  3 has to be included with 2.  In otherwords, all of the 2's now have to include all of the 3's if 3 is selected.  There has to be no change if 2 is selected, it has to return the 2's only, not the 3's.  1 remains unchanged.

      See the attached screen shot.  I was hoping to add an OR operator to the equation, but doesn't seem to work as shown below (my first attempt to get it to add the 3...stopped here when it failed to return desired result).  Any suggestions greatly appreciated..... my skills with Value Lists is developing..... Thanks in advance.


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          that Or makes this a calculation that if used in a Specify Calculation dialog would return the value 1 (True).

          So that's the wrong calculation and you can't use calculations in a stored find request anyway.

          To get an "or" result from a find, you do one of two things:

          Inside the stored find request, you create a second request and specify the alternative criteria in this new request, giving you one with "2" specified and one with "3" specified.

          Preform a find for the first criteria ("2") and then use Extend Found set to extend the found set to include records matching a different set of criteria ("3")

          And I suggest that you consider not storing these request but that you use a script that enters find mode without pausing and uses set field and New Record/Request to create any additional requests followed by a perform find with no stored criteria in it.

          See this thread for examples of that method: Scripted Find Examples

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             Hi Phil,

            OK, thanks, I will give this a go.  I figured I would have to go with the Extended Found Set.