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Value List Ignoring Relationship

Question asked by revmk on Sep 3, 2010
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Value List Ignoring Relationship


Hi all (again),

Should value lists ignore a table relationship.  For example.

Table 1 [products] - start date, end date, product code
Table 2 [quotes] - product code
Relationship = product code = product code AND start date > today AND end date < today.

(Product code is not a unique field as the product can be replaced by a new 'version' of the product).

The layout is based on Table 2, and a drop down allows the user to select the required product.  This works well unless the end date is passed.  At this point the drop down still shows all the products - however it will not populate the other (unmentioned) fields, it is just contained and selectable in the list.  Am I misunderstanding how the list works or have I gone wrong somewhere?