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    Value list in find mode



      Value list in find mode


      If it is clear how define and apply a value list driven by a relationship that reduce the number of values in browse mode, how to define the same working in find mode? In fact in find mode it is not available the relation "key" , necessary to display the list.

      thank you in advance


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          I have tried this - it doesn't seem to employ the limitation of the value in the related field while still in Find mode.

          I would like to see a solution for this too (if I understand the question).

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            As long as you select the filtering value after entering find mode, a simple conditional value list should work for you in find mode.

            As a quick test, I opened a copy of "Adventures in Filemaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists"; went to the Basic conditional value lists layout; entered find mode; selected "mineral" from the category field and then pulled down the drop down conditional value list to see only mineral values listed.

            Some of the other options demonstrated here, such as those that rely on a calculation field for the "match" field will not work in find mode as the calculation field will not evaluate in find mode.

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              Going a bit back in time here, but I'm running into a similar issue.  I have a conditional/filtered/dynamic/whatever value list in Browse mode that works fine.  However, when I enter Find mode, this same value list is empty.  This is because in Find mode, the key field for this relationship is empty on the left side - so there are no related values on the right.


              So...how can I get this relationship to work in Find mode?


              In my case, I have a set of records (TableA) that are tagged by an ID.  The end user can dynamically create Categories for a given ID - this is the related TableB.  But when in Find mode the TableA::ID field is blank, so there are no related TableB records.

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                did you have any luck with this?


                I'm running into the same issue, I have 2  pop-up menus with conditional value list, and I want to be able to make search to filter them in find mode, but the conditional value lists appear empty in find mode. I suppose because the relationship does not work in find mode.

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                  and are those match fields calculation fields?


                  If so, do they need to be?


                  Could you, perhaps, use a data field instead of a calculation field and use a script to set the match field from the calculation just after the script enters find mode?


                  Another approach is to use global fields to collect search criteria, then use a script to enter find mode and set up the find request(s) from the data in the global fields. Not only does this avoid the issue of a CVL not working, it also allows formatting the global fields in ways tailored to support specifying find criteria, which can be different from what is best for entering/editing data in the corresponding data field.


                  For examples of scripted finds that work from criteria previously entered into global fields:


                  Scripted Find Examples

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                    Thanks for the reply,


                    The fields are not calculations, they are keys for the categories and sub-categories of products, they can be assign in the layout. And I want them to be searchable in find mode.


                    I was thinking on the scripted find with global values, I've done that before, but was trying to make it "simpler" with find mode.

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                      But what you describe should work. You should be able to enter find mode, select the needed filter value and then select form the conditional value list. This has worked for me in the past anyway.


                      The other options that I mentioned are ways to work around this when the controlling match field is a calculation field.


                      You may need to describe exactly how you have set up your conditional value list as there are a number of different ways to set them up.

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                        I have a Product with 3 fields, FamilyID, CategoryID and TagID related to each respective table.


                        The Category depends on the Family, so when I set the FamilyID field in Browse mode the Category value list populates and show the Categories IDs for that Family, and the same goes for the Tags when I set the CategoryID.


                        So I have a relationship to the Product.FamilyID with Category.FamilyID and set the value list with that info. Field 1 of value list is the CategoryID, and Field 2 is the CategoryName and only shows the related values with Product Table.


                        So in browse mode everything work fine, I use a commit script with a 'Refresh Window' on field Save for every field so it can load the values of the next value list. But in find mode it doesn't seems to get the values I think because there is no record and there for no relationship?


                        I hope I explain it well.

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                          The Category depends on the Family, so when I set the FamilyID field in Browse mode

                          As I have previously pointed out, you need to either select the FamilyID while in find mode or you need to consider a work around--one option being to capture the FamilyID in a variable, then set the FamilyID back to this value after entering find mode via a script performed when the user enters find mode.

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                            In Find mode I set the FamilyID first, that value list show all the Families available, but after selecting it the Category value list shows empty, and it is suppose to show the Categories related to the Family like in browse mode.


                            This is in browse mode:

                            Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.07.57 PM.png.


                            And this is in find mode:

                            Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.07.01 PM.png

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                              And here is a screen from the "Basic Conditional Value List" layout in my Adventures In FileMaking #1 file taken while in Find Mode. Category is the filter value and I've deployed the List 2 field to show that I get the correct list of values--all while in find mode.


                              So the question here is what is different between how the two value lists, layouts, or underlying data model that is creating this difference in behavior?


                              I've already suggested that you'll need to provide those details in order to pursue this further.


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                                I forgot to include a download link to the file:


                                Adventures in FileMaking #1--conditional value lists

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                                  I was checking the file and I think that I found the problem.


                                  The layout that I'm using is from other related table, not the Product table. I tested the same fields on the Product layout and it works.


                                  Probably is one of those weird Filemaker limitations.

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                                    I was thinking the same, which is why I shared my findings hoping that we could identify what was different.