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Value list in portal only kinda works

Question asked by SimonSherwood_1 on Aug 16, 2014
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Value list in portal only kinda works


     Hi All

     I'm adding an Invoice/billing part onto my database.  It has a separate Invoice table related to an Invoice Transaction table which is related to a Transactions table.  I have a portal set up in the Invoice table which creates records in the Invoice Transactions table, the portal is based upon Invoice Transactions.


     The first field in the portal is a Date field which displays a value list of related records, when I select the correct date it automatically populates the rest of the field in the portal.  The problem is to get the value list to show I need to click on the date field add a space then click off and the click back on.  Why is this?  What is the work around, does it have something to do with creating a new portal row or committing the field.