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Value List Keeps Showing Random Values

Question asked by TSADesign on Aug 7, 2010
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Value List Keeps Showing Random Values


I am using a dynamic value list. The value list is pulling from a table / field that is being written to based upon a selection in another table. The value list is being populated dynamically exactly as it should be.

The user will then select one of these dynamic value from the value list that will trigger a Perform Find script. This script is working as it should also.

The weird thing that keeps happening is every time a value is selected in the dynamic value list, the list displays a different value, even though it is find the correct Perform Find record. I'm afraid this will lead to confusion by the user who will see a different number in the value list, than what is showing in the in the Found record.

Which values show up in the value list upon selection appears to be completely random. I have tried taking off the auto sort on the value list, I have even tried to get the value list to show a value of "", but nothing seems to be working.

ex. Value List values will include (banana, apple, plum, cherry) User selects "banana", the Perform Find script finds banana, but the value list shows "cherry". 

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