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Value List Multiple Selection

Question asked by JohnTennock on Mar 11, 2013
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Value List Multiple Selection


     I would appreciate some guidance about how to allow multiple selections from pop-up menu or drop-down list connected to a value list. I have this set up as a conditional value list to allow cub-categories within categories. The problem is that some entries in the database belong in multiple categories.

     I understand that I can do this by choosing check-box set but because the value list contains about 40 options this is unacceptable because it uses too much 'real estate' on the view. If I could figure out how to do it, an acceptable solution would be for the pop-up menu or drop-down list to stay visible while multiple selections were made. Once closed the remaining field would show a list including only those items selected. Of the 40-odd options only between 1 and 4 would noremally be chosen.

     Apart from the multi selection requirement the standard conditional value list functionality is perfect for my needs.

     Any suggestions greatly appreciated.