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Value list not populating

Question asked by standardGeese on Oct 22, 2013
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Value list not populating


     I have two value lists in a layout for a table. Both source tables are connected in pretty much the same way, but only one value list is showing the proper value. The other list only displays one "?"

     I have them set up to show values from clients (their primary keys, and also the name of the client as a secondary value). The same goes for the people field. There are two pop-up menus so a user can select a client, and then a person from that pop up menu. When I click the client one, all of the available clients pop up. For people, only a question mark appears.

     I have included the relationship graph below if there is something in the relationships that is causing this behavior. The concerned tables are : Clients, People, and Drives (Drives is the table on which the layout in question is based).