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Value List not showing in new portal record

Question asked by rickC. on Sep 7, 2010
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Value List not showing in new portal record


I have a customer database, with a "customer" table, "orders" table, and "order_type" table.

In my layout, I see the customer info, and a list of the customer's orders. Each order has a order_type, in a drop-down list, that I get from a Value List.

Existing orders show the drop-down list fine (and I can change the value), but new orders don't show the drop-down list at all - it is blank (though it does show the arrow to show and hide the list).

To sum: data for the order type comes from "order_types::order_name", Values from "order_type_lookup" (the Value List)

Any other info I could provide? Thanks for any insight into this..

- rick