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Value List not updating when coming from fields

Question asked by BFCSteve on Dec 19, 2011
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Value List not updating when coming from fields


I am using FM Pro 10.0v3 and have encountered something I don't understand.  My instinct is to call this a bug, but perhaps it's just another example of incomplete documentation steering me wrong?

In File One I have two fields.  Field A specifies a category and Field B dynamically shows a popip with options relevant to the chosen category.  File Two has a table which stores a copy of Field A (Global) and another table which contains Field C to match against the value in Field A and Field D to store the dynamic values to display in Field B.  In File One I have a value list setup which setsup the relationships necessary to make this happen.

In File Two I have the following values in Field C and Field D:

Apple -> Red

Apple -> Delicious

Apple -> Fruit

Brocoli -> Green

Brocoli -> Nasty

Brocoli -> Vegetable


When I set Field A to "Apple" the values in Field B should be "Red, Delicious, Fruit".  If I set Field A to "Brocoli" I should see "Green, Nasty, Vegetable" in Field B.

Instead, what happens is the values for Field B remain the same no matter what I put into Field A *until* I add or delete a record in the table in File Two which contains Fields C and D.  Meaning, if I set A to "Brocoli" the values in Field B don't change from whatever was already there.  However, if I add a record to File Two's table with Fields C and D the values in Field B instantly change and correctly show the values for Brocoli.

What's going on here?