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Value List not working...

Question asked by synergy46 on May 21, 2009
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Value List not working...


I have 2 tables:


Table 1 Customers



Table 2 Transactions


    TransactionAmount... etc


Customers is 1 to many with Transactions with "Allow record creation..." checked for Transactions.


The layout is based on Customers

The Portal is based on Transactions.


   On the Portal, I have put as a popup with Display Values From Fields... and  Customers::CustomerName


   Above the portal, for my own information, I have placed



        As I select popup values, the record pointer DOES NOT CHANGE.  (I can see this in the field above the portal)  This results in weird behavior in the portal field   For example, when I click out of the portal, whatever portal rows that are NOT equivalent to  are DELETED????


I am stumped.... Got any ideas?


Thanks for reading.