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Value List on Non-Key Field

Question asked by brodlang on Oct 8, 2012
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Value List on Non-Key Field


     I have a relationship very similar to the typical Line Item <<----Products. Products has a auto enter Serial No. field as the key. My Line Items is displayed in a portal. I want to use a field called "Short Code" in Line Items to see the related record in Products via a value list and poulate the Line Item record. AND, the "Short Code" field is unique to only the current project, but not across the whole table.  I've figured out how to diplay only the current projects products in the value list. I now need a way for my users to see the "Short Code" which is meaningful to them, but to populate the record based on the Serial No. Seems like this should be fairly simple, but I haven't been able to work around it without a lot of confusion.