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Value List Only Has ? Entry

Question asked by Craxal on May 25, 2013
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Value List Only Has ? Entry


     I am trying to create a value list for a drop-down control meant to fill a foreign key field.  The value list should get it's entries from a calculated field in a table, but the only entry that appears is a ? that fills the field with the first record in the table.

     I have two tables containing organization information.  One table contains a foeign key field pointing to records in the other table.  I know the relationships are set up properly, because I have a label set to display the state name, and manually entering the foreign key in the Counties table correctly fills this label.  Yet when I try to create the value list based on the second table, it wont populate properly; all it gets is that ? entry.

     I have another two tables with a value list setup exactly the same way.  Addresses contain city/state information.  However, creating a value list from the Cities table works just fine; the entries in the list appear as expected.

     Any ideas on what's going on?  I've included an image detailing the table with the calculated field _Fill I'm trying to create a value list from.  The value list contains _PK_ but uses _Fill to display entries.