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Value List only working for old records.?

Question asked by Mitch on May 17, 2011
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Value List only working for old records.?



Hope someone can help.    I have database with two main tables.  Table 1 that I use to record a library or reference of Awards under Category, Award Name and Clasps. The first field, category is a drop down list.  The next field, is the Award Name, followed by a portal that allows for multiple Clasps under the particular Award. 

On Table 2 I record my main data for recipients of these awards.  I add each award to the recipient in a portal. The first field in the portal is Category where I select the value a drop down list, the same drop down list Table 1 utilises.  The next field, Award Name is also a drop down list linked to a Value List that only lists those Award Names under the appropriate Category and the previous field, the Award Names taken from Table 1.

The next field in the portal is a Repetition Field for Clasps, again a drop down list linked to a value list that only lists those Clasps under the appropriate Award Name previously selected, with the data also taken Table 1.

Somewhere along during the ongoing development the database the link between the Repetition Field for Clasps and the Award Names stopped working.  I am still able to type in a Category into the Table 2 portal and the correct corresponding Awards Names are presented in a drop down list in the next field.  But when I go to the Repetition Field to select a Clasp or multiple Clasps the Drop Down list is blank now. If never used to be and worked fine. 

But for some reason, if I import some old data into the database from when it was all working, the Repetition Field works and all the appropriate Clasps appear in the drop down list.  However, if I go into Table 1 and add new record of an Award Name with one or multiple Clasps, then go back to Table 2, Select the Category, the new Award Name appears, thats working.  But when I go to the Repetition Field to select the Clasps, the drop down list in blank.

So, I go a try and add another Award Name and Clasps, this time I select a entry from the imported records, and they both work fine.....

The Value List and associated Relationships obvious are working....But not for new records added into Table 1.....??

Any ideas?