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    Value List or Calculation



      Value List or Calculation


      I am struggling with using value lists.  I have some cascading fields that I want to restrict the value list in the next field based on the value in field number 1.  For example- Field #1- is Sport.  I have a value list that contains:  Football, Basketball, Baseball and etc.


      I would like Field #2 to change based on that value selected in Field #1- ie if Football is selected then the Value List would be NCAA, NFL, CFL.


      I Then have other fields that would cascade down.


      I am not sure whether I should be trying this with value lists or calculations or what.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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             You'll need a table, that has records containing the sport & organization.  Relate it back to your current table by [Field 1 = Sport].  Then, base the second value list on this table, using the organization as the primary field, and basing it on related records by Field 1.
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            I have created a new table that now has a record for each sport and the next level as follows:


            Sport                      Organization

            Football                      NCAA

            Football                      NFL


            is that what you meant?


            If so I have then created the relationship between Field 1 and Sport so that they are equal.  But how do I make Field 1 a drop down of Sport and then how do I do the organization to be specific to the sport in Field 2?

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              When defining both value lists, use the 'Use values from field:' option.  For the first value list, 'Use values from first field [New Table:Sport]', 'Include all values'.


              For the second value list, 'Use values from first field [New Table: Organization]', 'Include only related values starting from: [First Table]'


              Make sure your relationship between [First Table] and [New Table] is by the Sport fields.