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Value list Problem

Question asked by xtremu on Feb 14, 2012
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Value list Problem


I am using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced. My problem now is related to the value list that i created in my portal, i have 3 tables: Student, Enrollment and Session with a join table relationships.


Session::pkSessionID = Enrollment::fkSessionID 

Student table is for student information records, Enrollment table is join table to hold multiple records from Student and Session table, and the Session table for subjects information such as section, description, time, units, days etc..

Now, I created portal in one of my layout (let say Block section layout) which show records from student table and portal works fine, it shows information on every field in the portal when I click field having value list from fksession field.

First problem: I need to click every row of the portal to select subjects and add that to the portal, which is not good and not friendly. I want to have one value list field in the portal which show all the subjects to be selected and if I select this then it will add to the portal row up to the maximum units allowed.

Is their any script or tricks for this? please help

Second Problem: I tried to made a sub summary, Total Units (sum of=units/results is number), to automatically sum up the units of the units row of the portal but no luck to figure out this.

Any help would be much appreciated