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Question asked by nashlopez on May 16, 2012
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Hello Filemaker,

I have 3 tables Student, Enrollment, Classes:

Relationships are: Student::pkStudentID=Enrollment::fkStudentID, Classes::pkClassesID=Enrollment::fkClassesID

Student Table contains Student Informations such as StudentNumber, FullName, Course etc., Classes Table contains classes schedules such as Section, Description, Unit, Time, Room etc..and the Enrollment is a join table.

In my Student Layout under Student Table I created a Portal to show the selected class schedules by using the VALUE LIST fkClassesID from Enrollment Table. This VALUE LIST is a dropdown, Values from first field Classes::pkClassesID and ALSO displayed from second field Classes::Section, Include ALL values and SHOW values ONLY from second field and it is working fine.

Now, for example if I have already a subject section in my portal let say Eng 1 with its own description, unit, time, day, room and if I select this again from the VALUE LIST then supposedly system will not allow this because it is the same class schedules or the same subject section and then advise student to select another section or subject section. How to limit or control this kind of scenarios.

That is I wanted to do, but I can't figure out the script for this, I tried to search IF Statement or CASE statement but NO LUCK to understand it and how to work on this.

Furthermore, It is right that if I want to make a CASE script in filemaker pro 11 advanced, it is right that I will open the Manage Script then New then I will use the IF option under Control so that I can create the CASE Statement script?

Please see picture below

Your help is highly appreciated.