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Value list problem

Question asked by skwent on Sep 21, 2012
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Value list problem


     I set up a value list for a drop down menu of contact names, for a field in a layout based on table "Jobs". The table with the contacts is labeled "Contact"

     It was working great, displaying both the ID# and Contact's Full name. Then I decided to see how it would work as an edit box instead of a drop down. I just toggled to edit list, didn't't like it, and toggled back to drop down menu. Now, despite asking it to display values from both fields, it only displays the ID#.

     The drop down menu, itself, has both the ID# and contact name, but when I make a selection, only the ID# populates the field. It is the correct ID and all other data relating to that ID# is correct as well, but I need to have the contact name displayed in this field. 

     What am I missing?