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Value list problem in FM11

Question asked by carlsson_1 on Sep 6, 2010
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Value list problem in FM11


Do any of you guys have problem with the value lists in FM11?  

What I mean is that I have a related value list, sorted on the second field. It will look someting like this (with ID and Name):  

  1011 Andrew

1198 Ben

1003 Jim

1034 Peter

1006 Zoe  

The problem is, when I want to choose a name from this list, I am used to press the initial letters and press return. In FM11 this works very intermittently, if at all.

I have also this problem with two of our clients as well.  I was sure that this was to be fixed with the recent update (11.02) but it still isn't.  This is very annoying!