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Value List question

Question asked by bwbono on Apr 22, 2009
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Value List question


Hi all

I am trying to build a database solution for a small private acting school.


I have a STUDENTS table and an EXAMS table.


In the EXAMS table, I would like to choose a number of students that are in the particular EXAM. I have a checkbox populated from a value list containing all of the STUDENTS.


The question comes once I have gotten this far, I cannot figure out how I would take this group of EXAM STUDENTS and again separate them so I can then grade them individually (by MANY judges)...and then finally report this back to the STUDENT database.


I would like somehow for each STUDENT to then have a separate record of these grades, but linked to the "master" exam.


I hope this makes sense.


I have to say I am aware that my programming design is nowhere near where it should be, but I am persistent! Hahahaha 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.