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    Value List Relationship?



      Value List Relationship?


      Question: i would like the content of a pop-up list of one field depend on the selection of a pop-up list of another field.

      for example i create a field called "SUPPLIERS" and define a value list say with 10 different suppliers e.g.. Supplier-A, Supplier-B, Supplier-C and so on. Then I make the SUPPLIERS field a pop-up or pull-down list. Then i create a field called "PRODUCTS" and define 10 different value lists, according to the products available from each supplier (different products for each supplier), i.e.. one product value list for Supplier-A, one product value list for Supplier-B and so on. What i would like to happen is that when i select a SUPPLIER via the pop-up or pull-down list, say Supplier-A, that the pop-up list under PRODUCTS only shows the products that are available from that Supplier-A, if i choose Supplier-B then the available products in the PRODUCTS pop-up list change to match the product available from Supplier-B.

      Could anybody help me with the above? - thanks a million! 

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          Thank you for your post.


          This is a common question from users, and we usually direct everyone to Knowledge Base Article #5833.




          If you have any difficulty with this article or still can't get this to work, please let me know.



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            Dear TSGal..., thanks very much that resolved my issue.


            now that one side works....i have another challenge:


            i have populated a list say with geographical zones, A, B, C etc, a 2nd list with customer names in those zones. with your earlier help i was able to set it up in such way that when i select zone A in one field, i would only see the customer names in another filed that are in zone A. If i change to zone B then the pull-down menu would show all customers in zone b and so forth...this works well now.


            however i have also made fields with more details for each customer, such as address, contact numbers etc. what i would like to happen is that when say i select zone a in one field, then choose the relevant customer in the next field, that now all additional details are looked up and automatically filled in. In define data base i have for example selected customer address => look up, and defined the look up value with the matching "address" field. however for some reason filemaker now always just fills in the details of the 1st address of the whole customer list under zone A (or zone B, or whichever zone i chose). i.e. instead of using the customer name as refernce for the look up, it chooses zone as the look up.


            if you have any advice here, i would be very thankful again!


            best regards





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                 It's your relationship.  Your lookups need to come from fields in the customer table related by customer, not zone.