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Value List Relationship?

Question asked by j4fhk on Jul 29, 2009
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Value List Relationship?


Question: i would like the content of a pop-up list of one field depend on the selection of a pop-up list of another field.

for example i create a field called "SUPPLIERS" and define a value list say with 10 different suppliers e.g.. Supplier-A, Supplier-B, Supplier-C and so on. Then I make the SUPPLIERS field a pop-up or pull-down list. Then i create a field called "PRODUCTS" and define 10 different value lists, according to the products available from each supplier (different products for each supplier), i.e.. one product value list for Supplier-A, one product value list for Supplier-B and so on. What i would like to happen is that when i select a SUPPLIER via the pop-up or pull-down list, say Supplier-A, that the pop-up list under PRODUCTS only shows the products that are available from that Supplier-A, if i choose Supplier-B then the available products in the PRODUCTS pop-up list change to match the product available from Supplier-B.

Could anybody help me with the above? - thanks a million!