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Value List Search in Different Table

Question asked by LeahRiley on Jul 11, 2013
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Value List Search in Different Table


BACKGROUND: I have two tables.  T1 is linked to T2 (Tags) as a one to many relationship (T1 has unique values, T2 is a portal with multiple tags assigned to each T1).  

     I setup a script in order to do a checkbox search.  The checkbox part works fine - I setup a dummy field (Tags::tagFind) where the values checked get dumped into this field.  When I check some boxes, or uncheck, the value list successfully changes with the appropriate text list.  Good so far.

     Next I want to make a new find request for each value in the Tags:gTag dummy list.  I enter find mode, create a loop, and create a new find request for each entry.  This will be an OR search.  Still good so far.

PROBLEM: The last thing I need to do is search - The catch is, my active layout is linked to T1 but the field I need to search is in T2.  I know that the default is for Find to only search T1.  I can click on Perform Find[ ] and Specify Find Requests.  From here I can chose table T2 and the appropriate field I want to be searching in.  Next I need an operator, so I click "=" to match the whole word.  However, when I click find I get the oddest found set.  It includes a few records with nothing in the searched field, and records that have no overlap with the values from the list in either table.

     I've included a screenshot of the script.  I'm very confused as to what could be happening.  Any help would be appreciated.