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Value List Setup

Question asked by jcondon on Aug 8, 2014
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Value List Setup


     I am sure there is a simple solution to this, but I am getting bogged down.  I am trying to create a Daily Report for our filed forces in Filemaker Pro.  It will be hosted on Filemaker server and used with FilemakerGo.

     Each job is divided up into locations.  Each Location has activities.  Each activity has categories (Labor, Materials, Equipment, Subcontractor, General Conditions).

     Each Job will have a daily report on the days work is being performed.  Job information is pulled from a job table populated from our accounting system.  Location information is being selected in a popover button with a check box (can work multiple locations in a day) populated from a table that contains the Job #, Locations, Costcodes, and Categories.

     I am able to pull up the cost codes in a popover button with check boxes (can also work multiple activities in a day) for all of the categories.  In order to simplify the data entry, I only want to present the Labor and Subcontractor cost codes an activity popover and the material cost codes in a material popover.

     I setup a calculated field in the cost code table that sets a value of LS, M, or NA based on the category.  I just want to setup my value list so that the activity cost codes are essentially filtered by NS and the material costcodes are filtered by M.

     I am just getting bleary eyed looking at this database and walking away from it will probably help me see a solution, but I was wondering if anyone had any guidance.