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Value list sometimes without any posts ????

Question asked by TafeLoursen on Mar 29, 2012
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Value list sometimes without any posts ????


I hav 2 tables - "Projekts" and "Invoices" related to each other through the field "ProjektID".I also have an inner join betweenTOs "Projekts 1" and "Projekts 2" throgh the fields "ProjektStatus 1" and "ProjectStatus 2" for searching for "Ongoing projects" which are the only ones I want to send an invoice to.The field "ProjectStatus 1" is always set to be "Ongoing project"

I have made a "Value list" for being used on a layout based on the "Invoice"-fields. The "Value list" consists of "ProjectID"  from "Projects 1"and a second field from the same table.

If I have made an invoice in any way and want to do onother one my value list will show all "Ongoing projects" as I want.

If I shall make my first invoice ever the value list doesn´t show any "ongoing procets" at all - it´s totally empty.


What´s wrong and how shall I do to get a "Value list" always showing "Ongoing projects"


Very greatful for any help.

I have tried for about  3 days now without succeding

Tafe Loursen