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Value list sort order / Unicode scope/range

Question asked by tomswell on Feb 27, 2014


Value list sort order / Unicode scope/range


I've spent several hours experimenting with an indexed text calc field for the purpose of ordering a drop down list in such a way as to keep people records void of first names always popping up at the top of the list. What is the scope of filemaker sorting with regard to Unicode values beyond alpha CHARS ? I'm guessing case is ignored?



     c_lname_fname >
     Case((IsEmpty(fname) and not IsEmpty(lname));lname &"    some CHAR() or text to push record to list bottom   ";
              (IsEmpty(lname) and not IsEmpty(fname));Char(110)&Char(111)& Char(95) & Char(110)&Char(97)&Char(109)&Char(101)& fname;
              (IsEmpty(lname) and IsEmpty(fname));"• " & company;
     lname&" "&fname

     note:   Char(110) & Char(111) & Char(95) & Char (110) & Char(97) & Char(109) & Char(101) evaluates in data viewer but doesn't seem to work in calc ?

               I also fooled with textSize("no name";8) to no avail ?

I have seen several TO implementations which seem more complex than nessecary, what am I missing?
Any suggestions will be most appreciated