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Value List sourced from two fields

Question asked by NsaA on Aug 17, 2014
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Value List sourced from two fields



     In my medical database (FM 12),

     I have a Contacts layout which shows two portals. The two portals are from two tables:

     1.     PhoneNumbers

     2.     EmailAddresses

     Each portal has two fields in the Contact Layout:

     The PhoneNumber portal has two fields in the contact Layout, Type and Number. Type is a drop-down list which can be edited and contains values like Home, Work, care of.

     The EmailAddresses portal is set up similarly and has a separate drop down list for Type.


     I recently included a field in Contacts Table: Preferred Appointment Confirmation Method.

     Please help me set this up for the above field--

     I want to be able to select the type of phone, email from a drop-down list sourced from Type of Phone as well as Type of Email. Is this possible? Basically my patient has to choose how I may contact him using any one phone number or email address.

     If this is possible, can I go one step further and have the chosen number/ email auto-saved in a separate field? Then I could set up auto-email, text too.