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Value list takes 2.5 minutes to load

Question asked by ianmanning on Dec 9, 2009
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Value list takes 2.5 minutes to load


I have a value list which uses "values from a field". The field is in a related database which holds the details of 131000 products. Both databases are hosted on a server running FM Pro 10 Server and users are all using FM Pro 10

The field using the value list is set up as a drop down list and has autocomplete using value list enabled.

The first time the field is accessed (since starting filemaker that session) it takes about 10 seconds to load for users connected in-house, however for our sales engineers connected via a VPN from thier homes it takes 2.5 miinutes to load.

Is there any way of speeding this up?

I have tried seting up the value list on the product database and using "value list from another file" but this did not appear to make any difference.

Products are frequently added to the product database so the live link is nice but a static list could be used if there was an easy way to update it when new products are added ( 2-3 times per week)

Thanks for your help