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Value list that pulls from two unrelated fields

Question asked by DrewHarkin on Sep 12, 2014
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Value list that pulls from two unrelated fields



I have database that is tracking IT assets (computers, printers, etc.) I have another database that tracks personnel (employee names, address, etc.). Inside my database for IT assets I have imported the table from the personnel database as a data source, I also have created a table in the IT assets database called "Generic Users". In the assets table I have a drop-down value list on the "assigned to" field that pulls all employee names from the personnel database, however I want to add all the users in the "Generic Users" table to that value list so that the value list show everything from Personnel and everything from Generic Users.

The purpose of Generic Users is to hold "users" that aren't real people (for example "network printer", "inventory" etc.) I do not want add these faux users to the personnel database, that just seems sloppy to me. I don't want to have to hide these "users" from others that might use the personnel database.

The other "solution" i can think of doesn't seem much better to me, which would  be to add a global "constant" field to the the Generic Users and to the personnel table and relate the two tables, then use the "also display values from a second (related) field" option. This seems like a band-aid hack to me.

Please tell me there is a better way!