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Value List to Populate Portal!

Question asked by productionQC on Nov 27, 2012
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Value List to Populate Portal!


     Hello All-

     I am stuck.  I have a small database that we are trying to setup for monitoring and testing the production of our products.  I have the main table, which is SAMPLES.  The second table is PRODUCTS.  The Fields are as follows:

SAMPLES                                            PRODUCTS
     SampleNo                                           ProductName
     Product                                                ProductDescription
     TestResult                                          SearchEnter                          
     SampleDate                                       Details

     The relationships are as follows:

     Product     -----=-----<    ProductName

     So the user would use a layout based on SAMPLES to input a sample number, select a product from a dropdown list (using the records in PRODUCTS) and enter the dates, followed by their test result.  I have another layout for Products, to allow the user to add new products and edit details.  To make it faster to find a product, I have a dropdown list based on the global field SearchEnter.  The dropdown is scripted to find the record.  Everything works great.  My probelm is that I would like to add a portal to the PROCUCTS layout that would show all related test results for a product.  Thus, when a user selects the product from the dropdown, not only does it display the product info, but in the portal below it grabs the all the sample records from SAMPLES table that are based on the selected product.  So if I select widget D, only sample taken from widget D's appear in the portal.  I can not for the life of me figure out how to make this work.  In fact I can't even seem to get anything to display in the portal.  Do I need a script for this, or a relationship...

     Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

     Thank you!