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Value List trouble

Question asked by GregLaBelle on Feb 6, 2013
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Value List trouble



     Hello....I am totally new to File maker coming over from ACCESS...I see that there are some things that are close to each other.

     Well im having trouble getting the value lists to show what I need...not sure where to go..

     I get the easy value list stuff, but having troublr getting what i need from this situation..


     what i have is this.


     table LIfts:          LIft_ID                   Lift                        Lift Classification


                                  1                 Bench Press                Horizontal push             

                                  2                 Incline Press                Horizontal Push

                                  3                 Power clean                 Explosive

                                  4                 Squat                             Knee


     And so on for 100 plus lifts...


     Now each spot in the work out layout has a certain  lift class. like explosive is all ways lift one..


     How do i create different value list to contain only that classification that i want for lift one and so on.

     like a value list for Explosive lifts, knee lifts etc

     This is not a conditional list because nothing like explosive is choosen, it just is all ways the first lift.

     I just need to have value lists for each classification


     I have one other table that is classifications which has    classification_ID, classification


                          classification_ID                     Classification


                                     1                                       Explosive

                                     2                                       Knee

                                     3                                       Horizontal push

     and so on


     Thanks for any and all help while i'm learning