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    Value List trouble



      Value List trouble



           Hello....I am totally new to File maker coming over from ACCESS...I see that there are some things that are close to each other.

           Well im having trouble getting the value lists to show what I need...not sure where to go..

           I get the easy value list stuff, but having troublr getting what i need from this situation..


           what i have is this.


           table LIfts:          LIft_ID                   Lift                        Lift Classification


                                        1                 Bench Press                Horizontal push             

                                        2                 Incline Press                Horizontal Push

                                        3                 Power clean                 Explosive

                                        4                 Squat                             Knee


           And so on for 100 plus lifts...


           Now each spot in the work out layout has a certain  lift class. like explosive is all ways lift one..


           How do i create different value list to contain only that classification that i want for lift one and so on.

           like a value list for Explosive lifts, knee lifts etc

           This is not a conditional list because nothing like explosive is choosen, it just is all ways the first lift.

           I just need to have value lists for each classification


           I have one other table that is classifications which has    classification_ID, classification


                                classification_ID                     Classification


                                           1                                       Explosive

                                           2                                       Knee

                                           3                                       Horizontal push

           and so on


           Thanks for any and all help while i'm learning



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               It is still something you can do with a conditional value list. A conditional value list can be set up that displays a sub set of your values from the table without requiring the user to specify the category.

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                 OK I'm starting to understand a little.. I know once It sinks in i will understand.

                 So if you don't mind how would i set this up.

                 Do a conditional list on explosive than a sub list    or a value list on the table lifts than and sub one?

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                   Say you want a value list of all "explosive" lifts.

                   In your main table, define a calculation field constExplosive

                   define it with this expression and select "text" as the return type:


                   Make this relationship:

                   Maintable::constExplosive = ExplosiveLifts::LiftClassification

                   ExplosiveLifts is a new occurrence of your Lifts table.

                   In Manage | Database | relationships, make a new table occurrence of Lifts by clicking it and then clicking the duplicate button (2 green plus signs). You can double click the new occurrence box to get a dialog to appear where you can rename the new occurrence box.

                   We have not duplicated a table. Instead, this is a new reference to the same table already present in your database.

                   You can then set up a value list that lists values from fields in ExplosiveLifts with the Include only related values starting from MainTable specified.

                   You can repeat this for each lift category.

                   Note this takes the place of a single relationshp linking to a category field where you get different sub sets by changing the value of a category field. You may also be able to use that method if you employed a script to modify the value of the category field. It's a bit of a trade off as to whether you have one relationship with the complications of a script driven interface or multiple relationships and value lists, but a simpler layout design.

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                     Hello...I am so visual in my learning. Still don't grasp some of the concepts...Really am trying.

                     i have attached the file if you could possiby so me.

                     On the 4day workout is where i'm trying to get the value lists ...

                     There are spots or drop downs for each catogory..

                     Thanks for your help



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                       I don't see any attached file. Only image files of the types listed next to the upload an image controls may be uploaded directly to the file. To share a file, upload the file to a file sharing site such as Drop Box and then post the download link here.

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                         OK figured out how to do this.....


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                           Figured out how to share the file or how to get the value lists to work?

                           Ps. While I used to use 4shared myself, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend it to others. The ad links you had to wait through could be truly obnoxious and the service would trip my virus protections software from time to time. The last straw was when they made it a requirement that you subscribe to their service just to download from a free link.

                           If you still want me to look at the file, let me know and I'll see if I can download from the link that you've posted.

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                             i KNOW 4 SHARED IS A PAIN..

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                               Here is the link to the zipped file

                               THanks for all your help


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                                 Here's a modified copy of your file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/78737945/PowerTraining%20V.3%20Copy.fmp12

                                 I set up two different conditional value lists using the data in your classification table to figure out what value to use in the two new calculation fields. You can go to manage | value lists to see what settings I  used for each. The classification table itself, however, is not needed in order for these conditional value lists to work.

                                 I've also demo'd how to get a drop down list to show the name field when it is set to enter an ID number. A second field is placed on top of the drop down list and used to display the name of the selected lift. Its field behavior settings have been set to deny user access in browse mode.

                                 A few design comments:

                                 I would use a related table for your Day1 through Day4 fields with one record for each field. That makes for a much more flexible data model. Portals to this related table can show the lifts for each day and you can use a script to "pre-load" the portals with related records so that you do not have to manually specify the lift classification in each record. (I would have used that approach in MS Access as well...)

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                                   Thank you so much......

                                   it's nice to have experts in the field who are willing to help...

                                   I am such a visual learner that i no this will help me out to understand it.

                                   Again thanks for the help


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                                     Thanks...I like your idea of the related tables and portals...

                                     Got a lot to learn about filemaker but I think the flexability wis great


                                     Thanks for the help

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                                       Thanks Phil...Everything you told me has worked great and now can do that on my own.

                                       I DO have another question.

                                       How do I combine say  2 classifications in a value list.

                                       Say   Classification 1 is HIP LIFTS                 CLASS_ID   1

                                                 Classification 2 is KNEE Lifts                CLASS_ID   2

                                       I all ready have seperate value list on those

                                       What is the calculation or how do I get a value list showing BOTH OF THESE TOGETHER... I tried   in the calculation field

                                       1 and 3  ,    1 or 3   and nothing works



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                                         If your relationship's match field uses this calculation

                                         List ( 1 ; 2 )

                                         Then you get a return separated list of values. Select Text as your return type.

                                         Now you can use it to match to records in the lifts tables with Class_ID 1 or Class_ID 2.

                                         Not something you can do in MS Access is it? wink

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