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    Value list values trimmed



      Value list values trimmed


           I am working with Filemaker Pro 12 to upgrade from 11.  I have added a value list to a field with checkboxes but the values in the list have been trimmed by 1 or more characters from the back of the value.  I have tried different fonts and sizes and deleted the list and added new lists but nothing seems to help.  The correct value is displayed after selecting it in other fields.  Any ideas what is going on.  thank you.


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               It looks like your field boxes for the values in the left column aren't wide enough, but you've likely already tried that . . .

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                 Is this a single field with a value list of multiple values?

                 Are they custom values or a value list with the "use values from a field option" specified?

                 What font have you selected for the field? Does changing fonts fix the problem?

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                   Thanks for looking.  I have tried multiple fonts and sizes.  It seems to change some by a letter or two but not the full words.  This is a custom value list in a single field with check boxes.  Radio buttons do the same thing.  I have tried to make the field area larger but the spacing given to the check boxes does not change.

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                     Try the following changes one at a time in sequence. (I'm looking at the options selected in the inspector in your screen shot.)

                     Change alignment back to Left, Top

                     Change the line spacing back to 1.

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                  PhilModJunk,  thanks but still no luck.  In browse mode the values are incorrect in the check box field box (just like in layout) but in a edit box they are perfect.  

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                         But I still see a line spacing of 1.5 in the Height box instead of 1 in your screen shot. Please change that back to 1 for your field and see if that corrects this issue. If it does, we may have a bug to report in Report an Issue.

                         But in my own tests, using a line spacing of 1.5 does not reproduce this, but then I'm using a value list with different options specified in Manage | Value LIsts so that may also be a factor.

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                           So my solution:  To solve this I had to create a new value list and field with check boxes in a different FM file with no formating, This seems to work fine.  I  copied and paste that field into my working FM file.  Then I was able to format it to the correct style, font, size and color etc.  Also I was then able to use the value list from the original file with no problems.  

                           Thanks for you help.


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                             It sounds like the layout field object itself had the issue.