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Value List: Pop-up menu vs. Drop-down list?

Question asked by DarrenC on Sep 3, 2014
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Value List: Pop-up menu vs. Drop-down list?



I am working on a large database of text entities (it is a character DB) that has a field for (in one example) "Classification.'

In that 'Classification' field, I want users to be required to select a value from an existing Value List, which will be static at first. (We may eventually roll out a more complex dynamic/conditional list schema, but for now it appears we can use a static list.)

Here are the desired behaviors:

  • User must select from a present value
  • User may not enter 'another' value
  • Would be nice to be able to 'Allow editing of value list' but that would be unchecked for now
  • Needs navigation arrows for when drop-down list gets long
  • User should be able to search values in some way

It would seem as though I am looking for behavior styles from both the 'Pop-up menu' and Drop-down menu' Control styles.

Is it possible to have all the above desired behaviors in a Static Value List?