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Value list?  Related fields?

Question asked by davehebb on Jan 13, 2009
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Value list?  Related fields?


I have a complicated (for me - I'm a newbie to databases in general, and FMP in particular) question - I need to create two separate fields that can be independently searched, but are somehow "attached" to each other.  I have 3 basic types of text fields, all of which are related to "trade shows" that each client attends.  They are grouped by city, each city having its own separate list of shows.  So, for example, the list of shows in NYC might have a list of 10 separate shows, each client may attend 0-10 of these shows .  Here's where it gets complicated. Each show is done 1-5 times a year, and should also be listed by month - each show has it's own schedule, so there should be a related but separate field titled "month", which would be conditional.  So, for example, if a client attends the "Shoes and Accessories" show, there might be an option to select 1-4 months, such as Jan., Apr., Jul. and Sep.  That same client might also attend the "Women's Fashion" shows, which might be held only in Jan. and Sep. (different conditions.)  I think I can figure it out so far, but here's where I'm lost - I need to be able to "attach" the date separately and specifically to each show, perhaps as a checkbox or dropdown list, but I need to be able to do a Find for all shows in a particular month.  So, for examply, if I have each show listed, with a "sub category" field of the dates, I need to be able to search all date fields across all shows!  I need to find all clients that go to any show in Jan., for example.  Also, across cities, which adds a third dimension to it all.... I'm so over my head here, it makes my brain hurt.... I've been using the VTC tutorials, but there is nothing like that in there, or if there is, I fail to see how to make it work. 


I'm not really confident with scripting and calculations, but I might be able to muddle my way through it if I understood the big picture of how things are related....  Anybody have a clue?