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    Value Lists



      Value Lists


      I am working with a database, recently converted to FM Pro 10, that does Room Scheduling. One of its fields called "Location" which calls from a value list. I had a request to change the item in the value list from EDU Conference to Media Lab. I did the change, but the old data did not change, they still show up under EDU Conference. What is an easy way to modify all, and I have 105255 records that match the location for EDU Conference.


      Is there an easy solution to update all records for that field, or I have to go and update one record at a time?


      Your help is greatly appreciated.




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          1. Read up on Replace Field Contents in the Help system
          2. Make a back up copy of your file
          3. If this is a file shared over a network, pick a time when there are no other users editing records.
          4. Perform a find to find all records with the old value
          5. Modify the field of the current record so that it has the new value
          6. Select Replace Field Contents from the Records Menu and use replace field contents to update all the records in your found set.
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               Thank you so much!