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    Value Lists



      Value Lists


      I have two DB's  related via P & F key Id fields.

      Within the Budget DB  I have a pull down field defined to use the Payee::Payee field data to populate the field in the pull down within the Budget DB.

      This appears to function fine except whenever I add a new record with in the Budget DB selecting one of the data values from the related Payee DB it also adds a new record to the Payee DB?

      I am attempting to use the data values from the Payee DB and be able to add new records in the Budget DB either using an existing Payee::Payee data value or adding a new one from within the Budget DB..

      I am not sure what I am doing wrong with this?

      Please Advise


      David Kennedy


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          Sounds like you have the following:

          1. If you double click the relationship line shown above, I suspect you'll see "Allow creation of records via this relationship" enabled for the Payee table.
          2. If you enter layout mode and check your Payee table, I think you'll find it comes from Payee instead of Budget.
          3. Thus, when you enter data in the Payee::Payee field, the relationship automatically creates a new related Payee record.


          Here's what you should have:

          1. The "allow create" option in the above relationship should probably be cleared. I could be wrong, but I can't imagine a use for this option here. (Depending on your layout design, you may want to select this option for Budget if you have a portal on a Payee layout for entering new budget data.)
          2. The Payee field in the Budget table should be deleted. This field is redundant. You can use the relationship to Payee and display Payee::Payee whenever you need to display the payee name.
          3. _kp_PayeeId should be an auto-entered serial number.
            _kf_PayeeID should be a simple number field (No auto-entered serial number).
          4. So you can link a given budget record to a selected payee, put Budget::_kf_PayeeID on your layout and format it with a 2 column value list where column 1 is Payee::_kp_PayeeID and Payee::Payee is shown in column 2. You can either use a drop down list for this or, if you use validation to enforce unique names in Payee::Payee, you can use a pop up menu and specify that the value list hide the first column. With a drop down list, you'll then add the Payee::Payee field to your layout next to _kf_PayeeID so that the payee name will be visible after you exit the ID field. (A Popup menu, when used as I've described, enters the ID number but displays the matching name so you don't need the extra field in this case.)