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    Value Lists



      Value Lists


      1)  I attach the dialogue for settings regarding Specify Fields for Value List.  I have a value list set to also display values from second field, but to show values only from second field.  In doing so, the dialogue dims out the Sort Values Using option so that only the Second Field is selected.   I would like to be able to sort by the first field?  Can this be done some how?

      2)  What are the general plus and minuses of using a Value List as opposed to a Table?  Assuming that a value list would change from time to time (then a table would be preferable) rather than the same list of items all the time (then a value list would be better).  If I use a value list instead of a table, it makes it difficult or impossible to do sub-summary reports based on these values?  It seems setting up tables in all or most cases is the best way to go.  Any thoughts?

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          Yes, the fact that you can only sort on the second field in this case is very frustrating at times, especially when other competing systems do not have this limitation. In fact, another system I have used allows you to refer to a completely different field from those that are used for data-entry for determining the sort order--as well as having many more than just two columns of data.

          You seem to have correctly identified the trade offs between basing values on a table vs. using a custom value list, except for this statement: "it makes it difficult or impossible to do sub-summary reports based on these values" I don't see why it makes much difference whether you use custom values or table base values in a value list for how you set up sub-summary parts in a summary report.

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            Thanks, I see now that it doesn't matter where the values in fields are coming from (tables or value lists), since sub-summary reports are based on a field that is sorted.  I stand corrected.  Thanks again.

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                   It has been three years and still not a fix