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Value Lists

Question asked by GregLaBelle on Feb 4, 2013
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Value Lists


     Hello, I am new to i am learning about the program...i have worked with access and understand it...

     My question is How to get different values list from the same table based on certin criteria.

     this is what i have

     Table 1 is clasification it has   Classificationd_ID , and Clasification...

     Table 2 is Lifts it has Lift_ID, Lifts, Classification_ID

     Now on my layout for the work out i have 6 different drop downs to input different ifts

     1. explosive lift

     2. Knee/hip

     and so on..these never change. how can i get the proper lifts into each value list based on the classification. Ex. lift 1 is all ways explosive, lift two is allways knee/hip..

     I no how to do this in access but just can't get it right here..I have read alot about value list but seem to be missing point


     Thanks in advanced