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Value Lists

Question asked by obidon on Aug 10, 2013
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Value Lists


     I have created a set of tables which the user populates to create a set of value lists.  These lists are technical in nature.

     Each record in the value list tables has a uuid and data field. I generally use a numeric value for uuid, which i understand increases system performance.  Data can be numeric and includes decimals or text alternatives such as Limited or Not Applicable.

     The value lists are utilised by fields in the main system.  These fields have to be viewed in a table format.  I am using a portal. this is a client requirement.

     The problems are as follows.  

  •           If I use a text uuid, the value list will sorted by text.  ie decimals are not sorted properley
  •           if I use a text uuid, I can not apply notation such as $ or mm2 etc
  •           If I use a number uuid, text values will not be displayed at all

     In other solutions, where a form layout can be used, I have opted for three fields

  •           A number choice data entry field or
  •           A text alternative field
  •           A calculation to display in the final output

     This isn't an option in my list/portal view.  Screen real eseate is at a premium

     Any thoughts?