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Value Lists

Question asked by ChrisJones_1 on Sep 9, 2013
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Value Lists




     I'm trying to solve a problem regarding excluding certain records from showing in a drop down list. 

     The drop down list is located on the main layout and points to a list of volunteer drivers that are available for hire which are held in another table containing all the drivers data. This drivers table also contains a field called Status which points to a value list containing the list of availabilities i.e Holiday, Sick, Left etc as there times when a particular driver won't be available. What I'm trying to do is display just those drivers that are available in the driver drop down list and when I mark them as unavailable in the drivers details Layout they do not show. 

     I have googled this problem and have been on the forums to read up on drop down lists / value lists and discovered something called conditional value lists which I think may work but I can't get any of the examples or tutorials to work with my problem. If someone has done something similar and has a solution I would be extremely grateful as I've been puzzling over this for a couple of days now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.