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Value Lists

Question asked by David40 on Feb 19, 2014
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Value Lists


     I am using FMP-12 (12.0v5).  My database was upgraded from FMP-9.  I am having trouble with a Value List.  

     I have several fields that use the same Value List.  Originally it was set up as a drop-down list that allowed addition of new items.  If I added a new value to the list, it was seen by all the fields.  Since moving to FMP-12, this has changed.  When I click on the field, the value list appears, but I cannot modify the list.  If I change the field to a Pop-Up list, then I can add new values, but they are not seen by the other fields.  I have tried to follow the instructions i the File Maker Pro 12 Missing Manual book, but with no success.  

     What am I doing wrong?  Thank you in advance.