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    Value Lists



      Value Lists


      Is it possible to change the value list associated with a field based on the value of a different field.  Exp: If field A has a value of 1, assign value list "Phone" to field B.  However, if field A has a value of 2, assign value list "Cell" to field B.

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          This sounds like it might be something that you can set up as a conditional value list--though your example seems to have "value lists" of a single value--so I might be misinterpreting what you want to do here.

          You can have, for example, a table of 20 records. 8 records are a member of category "A" and 12 are a member of category "B". By selecting category A in one field, the value list in a second field can list the 8 category A values. By selecting B, you get the 12 category B values instead.

          If this sounds like an approach that will work for you, see "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - conditional value lists" This file starts with the basic "use values from field" value list, shows how to set up the conditional value list that I just described and then demonstrates 7 additional ways to set up a conditional value list. Each example is fully documented with very detailed descriptions of how they were set up.